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What are you rates?
We offer packages and can also customize each event to our clients’. Each client has a different scenario, vision, as well as different sound & lighting needs. We base our quotes on these factors including the variable factors below.

Length of event:
Pricing will vary depending on length of service. It’s important to keep in mind that the setup should be completed by the time guests begin entering the venue. Often times, most clients prefer background music playing as guests are entering. A common oversight is considering to hire a DJ only the dance portion of the event (while a live band is covering a portion of the event.) The fact is, we’ll need to be setup prior to the start of the event; to not disturb the event in progress. Our rates do apply during the ‘wait time’ and are based on total length of service.

Equipment Needs:
Sound Systems
Events that have 150+ guests; or in a larger ballroom require multiple speaker arrays to cover a larger area. Proper speaker placement will ensure the right sound coverage to avoid lack of sound. Often times, when clients obtain quotes from other DJ’s, those quotes do not clearly identify the equipment being provided. Many DJ’s who lack experience or the proper equipment to cover larger spaces will attempt to cover an event with a pair of small speakers creating disappointment with the sound coverage and quality. When comparing quotes, it’s advised to take the equipment factor into consideration to hire the right DJ’s for a successful event.
Lighting Systems
Lighting can change the feel and atmosphere of any event. We offer optional lighting solutions to enhance your successful event.

Location of event:
Each client has a different location. Certain venues pose difficult access for us, to load in/load out equipment, these scenarios we must take in consideration therefore may need to apply into our pricing. Should the event venue be of distance, we must also consider our travel expenses, therefore, may apply a Travel Fee. Events located more than 2 hours from the SF Bay Area are generally considered overnight events and lodging charges will apply.

I received a quote that was less from another DJ?
The reality is there are many levels of expertise in any occupation. From hobbyists, amateurs , rookies, novice, to professionals. Not all DJ’s are created equal. What differentiates us is experience, knowledge and expertise. We understand the importance of your event. We take in consideration what others overlook. Quality of sound is derived from thoughtful speaker placement and state-of the-art equipment. Poor speaker placement results in; feedback, static, uneven sound distribution, liability exposure, and/or hazard. We combine our profession as a DJ and add value with our knowledge as sound engineers.

Many do not realize the art form involved during a live event. It takes expertise to MC on the microphone at the same time; reading a crowd to maintain control of energy on the dance floor. As seasoned DJ’s, we also realize the importance that all your guests are entertained and create a recipe for a memorable event. We’ve performed in many events of all types, and realize that quality is must! At the end of the day, we strive to offer competitive pricing with quality you can expect.